Now you can follow every movement that makes your partner, child or employee by a discreet but powerful software to monitor cell phones that records and stores all the information in real time, this software makes it easy and fast the role of a private investigator. Now you have instantly what you need to know, before he had had to hire a private investigator, decide if it has the ability to do the job, tell their most intimate problems and spend hundreds of dollars. Finally, you have to wait for the researcher to carry out its task. In recent months, Apple has been very successful. The easy way is to use this software as your own private investigator. It could give you a long list of all the reasons. The first is that it is a software, which not make human mistakes that a private investigator would commit. The second is that it does not tire, don’t need to eat or sleep, so it is constantly monitoring the objective cell phone and keeping a record of everything that happens.I can assure you that you won’t end up with all of their savings, but yes it will give immediate results. What does? 1 Text message log (always has the contents of each message) sometimes, certain information is very sensitive as to be included in conversations in loud voice, so it is sent by SMS text message.SMS message logging technology carries a record Word by word of each SMS sent or received message.

EVEN if clears it the cell phone carrier. 2 Call records (telephone numbers of input and output, the time and duration) but that’s not all, if a name has been assigned in the phone’s memory, you can see it, so you do not have to call this number to find out who belongs! 3. Access to the phonebook (lets see each of the numbers that have been stored in the memory) 4 – pager through GPS that can be seen on Google Map. 5. It is undetectable 6 – can trace all the phones you want by making a single payment. 7 Is guaranteed for 60 days all what you have to do is install the program in the target phone that you want to monitor. The installation is very easy and will take you a minute. Once done, you will see the information recorded on the site from any computer in the world!