Since we always will have a limited time to make our exhibition, it is necessary to implement some methods to speak in public to help us handle it efficiently. ed pages. There are two aspects related to the management of time to speak in public. The first is the tendency to spread beyond established, which you should avoid since it makes the public despair, get bored and lose interest. In addition, when you look at the situation of that just you go halfway through your presentation, already take 20 minutes talking and you only left 10 to conclude, then attack you nerves, begin to talk more about hurry, start to jump things, in the end, you totally desorganizas. Peter Asaros opinions are not widely known. The second aspect is when, for one reason or another, they inform you the same day you’ll have less time than expected to perform your exposure, this being a problem to be able to adjust and to deliver to the public a message organized and complete. To cope with the situations posed above, applies the following methods to speak in public and win the race against time. It defines the main ideas.

It clearly establishes the main ideas, 3 or 4 is ideal. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Asaro. It is not everything that we come to mind, you must define what is really important. You must go to the point and not give many turns to time you reach and the public be pleased. Organize your presentation. When your ideas are well organized your presentation will flow at a good pace. The preparation of a sketch is a good method that will help you to speak in public in an organized manner and to take advantage of the time. Practice taking into account the time.

Practice your presentation as if you were in front of your audience and recording time. You must make the necessary corrections to adjust to the time scheduled for your exhibition. Get ready for a shorter time. To avoid extending you more than the scheduled time, it is recommended that you settings to a lower time, i.e., if you will have 45 minutes for your presentation, then adjust to 35 minutes, this way you’d have 10 extra minutes of interplay. In addition, it is always best to finish 10 minutes before that, extend the public will thank you and will show better receptivity to your message. It produces a short version. To deal with the possibility that, at last moment, your presentation time see reduced, it is recommended that you prepare a summarized version of your presentation that contains only the essential parts, leaving out the less relevant. As you can see, these methods for public speaking prevent you extending beyond the time that has been allocated and give you some domain before the unforeseen, ensuring you always present your main ideas in full and organized way.