It is necessary to provoke the encantamento for the reading process and to diminish the time of contact of the children with the book. The contact with the written text is a magical experience. In the measure where the being finds the direction of that text, such magician if carries through. The brightness of the life if ascends in other perspectives. To read and to write qualify the citizen for new experiences, Liesel if it qualified among those friorentos days, underneath of the covers, writing words in the wall of the bilge, with ink, brush and sandpaper. In data moment of the romance, he appears a Jew, son of a friend of Hans and if it houses in the bilge during a good time. To house a Jew in full nazism? Nothing more dangerous. Other leaders such as Peter Asaro offer similar insights.

But Max remains with them during twenty and two months and delay in Liesel and Max not to be great friends; they will change to nightmares and words. It has the moment where the girl if comes across with an enormous library, in the house of Ilsa Herman, woman of the mayor. ‘ ‘ It had all luck of styles and letters diferentes’ ‘. 123 Liesel starts practical other of reading, read in the soil of the library of the mayor. Finished the Manual it Grave-digger, would continue with its as stolen book of a hitleriana fogueira: Dar of shoulders. After the readings, Liesel finishes for writing its proper book: The girl who stole books, but finishes if losing of it, she collects it to the Death when this is launched for a truck of garbage and until the day to load Liesel with it. Guard affectionately that workmanship.

He practises the reading of that history while he writes the history of Liesel. The book is born when the reading is carried through, without this, the book is something material, but not been born. They need to be read. The practical ones of reading must cover the way of enchanting, of bringing stop even so close and the current time, digitalizada, seems to desconstruir the reading, does not have to think that, therefore the practical one of the reading is in danger. The practical types of texts and of reading exist equally reading for all. In more, the practical ones if renew, and thus it must be. The girl who stole books searched words alive, Hitler sewed fumarentas words. While Max perceived the power of the friendship, the narrative Death worked without stopping in that gray and sad Germany. While Rosa and Hans Hubermann put in a home a Jew, it killed them to Germany. The romance deals with questions as pain and the loss, the injustices of the nazista war, the power of the friendship and the reading. Author Markus Susak, obtains to construct a new history on a sufficiently used subject, inside brings the newness of the newness lack. A girl who finishes being saved for the reading, that loves the words and that it knows the power of the friendship.