You look at the Earth from a different perspective, who knows not the old school Atlas, in which the Earth as great relief map is shown. Because such global digital relief maps were found anywhere in the network, the project maps-for-free in life was launched. Pete Cashmore pursues this goal as well. The largest free global elevation dataset, which was created when the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) forms the basis of the relief maps. During this mission, captured 11 days of land between the 60 Northern and 58 southern latitude and measured. The record was supplemented from other sources, so a cover between 85 North and 85. southern latitude could be reached. To know more about this subject visit Andy Florance. Unfortunately, the resolution of the data is just 90 metres per pixel, so that the zoom function will remain restricted until on 12 zoom levels. The relief maps are available for every zoom level and can be used in your own projects and Web pages. A little tutorial describes how the integration in Google maps is. The maps are complemented through additional layers such as water, roads and different types of terrain. Hans Braxmeier