Many of those who start climbing do for rock climbing. Others including ???? ?? ??, offer their opinions as well. Rock climbing is ideal to start in this sport and learn techniques for other projects of mountain or to move forward within this discipline. Usually many courses climbing focusing on climbing in rock or walls, since it is ideal to learn the techniques of climbing. To get started in climbing it is important to have a great physical and mental strength. Although there are no restrictions if it is true that it is very important to enjoy it fully to develop a series of skills in terms of coordination, flexibility, balance, strength, mental security and force. This sport is very complex because you must be using all of the extremities of the body in a coordinated manner, also can not forget that sometimes the height is quite considerable, which adds more adrenaline to this adventure. A good climber knows many other primordial things, such as safety in climbing, technical knot, descent, handling of strings and above all care of a team. Try this sport isn’t necessarily assume a responsibility of absolute training, also serves to release tension, to appreciate new experiences, to overcome fears or achieve goals, since it is a very complete mental and physical exercise. Rock climbing is a fairly open exercise for any type of person who wants to do it, the age, height or weight are not really determinants when it comes mounted on a route.