Make it close to the ceiling is not recommended, unless your ceiling is not higher than 2.5 meters. It is not necessary to rush between the coating for walls and wallpaper. This is only a matter of personal preference, although each option has advantages and disadvantages. In order to cover the walls of a special coating, they should be very smooth, they will have to align, and this additional work and additional costs. However, this coating is more firmly withstand the flood of neighbors on the top floor. In the event of unforeseen disturbances coverage, you can repair a few tens of minutes (buying the cover, take stock in such cases). Desktop give more scope for imagination, are able to create a unique style of the room, do not require alignment of the walls, are accustomed to work. But when damaged glue have a whole page (if one considers that the wallpaper wont fade, this option may also be a failure).

Well, tons of surprises in the event of vyshezhivuschih neighbors also have full wallpaper glue. Breaking the wall sometimes justified. For example, in my kitchen is an old chimney width of 0.5 meters in length – 1.5 meters. As if this area could be useful for various kitchen utensils! Definitely, it will be broken. The same fate awaits the partition between bath and toilet. Laying at the same time one of the doors, get a room for washing machine. Complete remodeling requires a permit apartment housing authorities and a special project.

This is an additional cost. Therefore, if there is likely soon shift housing, it is better not to do, otherwise potential customers may abandon the purchase of an apartment, fearing trouble with the housing authorities. CEILING sometimes say 'ceiling – as testicle. " I do not mean the shape and the surface is smooth, white, smooth. Such a process can only make ceilings professional, but by aligning the ceiling once in the subsequent repairs you'll have less hassle.