Rotary packaging refers to a process in which extremely large production quantities, are packaged at the same time that high speeds are achieved depending on number of packaging equipment and the efficiency of the same. The popularity of this packaging is mainly due to that today, the industrial world is surrounded by businesses that are seeking not only increase sales but also seek to innovate through the acquisition of equipment that contain a high-tech, for different processes depending on the role they play. In this case, the large companies dedicated to storage, opt for Rotary packaging. The Packers used in such processes, require different accessories intended for handling various types of changes to your presentation. Similarly, these accessories can facilitate changes, so that you can reach to offer greater production capacity in one lot less time he estimated initially. Rotary packaging, are counted with diverse technologies depending on the particular characteristics of the products that are in process. These technologies allow to optimize the process depending on the presentation and behaviour that present the product. These technologies are divided into series and each series, containing different numbers of nozzles depending on the capacity required in the process. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article