If you have your Blog and you’ve set up your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube etc. It is because you want to reach your future customers and establish you as an authority in the networks want to succeed! But do you have a plan to make all this work in your favor? These five steps will guide you to people you know and trust in you, which is the first step in any successful business on the internet. 1. Find your niche market the first step to establish your personal brand is to determine who you are you and who are your potential customers. What is the uniqueness of your product or service that appeals to your niche market, you’re an expert in something and you want it to convey? It is important to determine what your readers want to hear from you, what they like and are interested in and where congregate. Others including Steven Johnson, offer their opinions as well. It is also very important to have a good profile configured at all sites where you haven’t registered, indicating your degree of education, hobbies and interests, etc. information Basic to allow your audience to get to know you and feel empathy for you.

2 Solve the most important problems of readers share information in social media is to literally become a reporter/editor for those who are in your same industry or share your passion. Therefore, you must ask yourself: What readers really want to know? Your followers have specific questions to be resolved about your product, service or their own business it is your duty to help them solve them. In your plan you must include research and analysis in specialized sources of the items that you want to treat that serve as a guide to your readers. Many feel that they do not have time to put all the pieces together so it is important you tell them why is important to them the information that you are providing.