Interface – multilingual. Pidgin 2.5.3 – Multi-platform instant messenger (formerly called himself Gaim). There are some useful options such as encrypted chat and support for almost all existing protocols via IM – ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC, AIM, etc., which can be used instead of all the programs listed above, only one – Pidgin. Punto Switcher 3.01.67 – depending on the typed text will automatically switch the keyboard layout from English to Russian and vice versa, and an algorithm for recognizing Russian and English words work so well that the switch on the keyboard you can forget! In addition to the basic function, the program and many others – from built-up diary customizable keyboard sound. Skype beta / – IP-telephony software – allows voice communication over the Internet (computer to computer), and for high-quality communication is sufficient, even low-speed dial-up connections, supports work through firewalls NAT. For greater privacy link is encrypted. In addition to voice calls, Skype allows you to exchange short text messages, send SMS, as well as supports the video calls, including videoconferencing. Another of the main functions – to ensure calls to any phone around the world, but this option is paid (but cheap).

Spyware Terminator – a program for protecting PC from various harmful modules – spyware, adware, keyloggers and other trojans. It has a resident monitor, which in real-time system monitoring and prevent intrusion attempts on your computer of malware. Scanner available in the program will find and put in 'carotene' or remove the embedded objects. In addition, the program includes a module Antivirus (ClamAV). Program is very fast … Spyware Terminator has the option automatically update their databases via the Internet, and knows how to carry out checks on schedule. Undelete Plus Portable 2.98 – A program to recover deleted files.

Supported file system FAT 12/16/32, NTFS / NTFS5. Interface – mnogozyachny. Undelete Plus Portable – version of the program Undelete Plus, do not require installation. VideoLAN – VLC media player Portable 0.9.4 – Media player with the ability to use it as a server for streaming video over the LAN – VLC (VideoLAN) can translate files from your hard drive, DVD-player or output card. It works with most audio and video formats, including DVD, VCD, MPEG, DivX and Streaming (Nullsoft Streaming Video (. Nsv) and Real Media (. Rm)). Naturally, VLC media player can be used as a regular media player. One of the features of the program is what to play media files without having to install additional codecs as they are 'embedded' in the program. In addition, VLC can not only play, but also record streaming audio / video on the computer. Finally, VLC is the only player to date, which handles all 'beaten' files. Platform: Windows XP / Vista Size: 415 Mb