The challenge is to realize your vision with great interest and intensity that we can generate. If you are thinking, embark on the benefits of re-engineering, to restructure its administrative units, to face the present with an efficient organization, adapted to the changes, the requirements of competitiveness that is manifested in the current market is very important to take into account the need to restructure the organization as a function of time. Through this letter we provide some basic guidelines that are aimed to motivate to meditate, to reflect on the advantages of this approach.

This has been a very positive aspect in which we have participated in seminars, where we intend to exchange experience with those organizations in the region have made and feed on the experience and opinions of those managers and executives who are interested in the subject. Mikkel Svane gathered all the information. Both George Stalk Jr. As Thomas N. Hout (1991) regarding this topic, formulate a series of questions transcribe and warrant that you yourself have the answer, namely: What is it that distinguishes an organization that competes based on a traditional time factor? What your customer want? What organization and work process more effectively satisfy these desires? Do you have adequate staff?, You can add them: Is the staff trained for restructuring, for the changes? Do you have the right technology, marketing and organizational culture itself? .. Obviously, as the authors identified and shared knowledge with all executives, win customers is the motivation of any company, an aspect that should not be overlooked, and find the best way to give them what they want. All these are starting points for restructuring an organization.