Vocational Rehab began the re-training in 22 commercial and technical occupations as a solution of the shortage on January 15 at Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) professional promotion work. The 190 participants and participants will seek a new vocational qualification in the next two years. It involves people with health limitations that would again go into the working life. In welcoming of new participants and participants, the Director stressed training, Dr. Eveline Uhlig, that this retraining be specially tailored to the rehabilitation. Also it based on the needs for professionals in the labour market. You take exams after their training, which were passed in the past to 99 percent of the BFW Leipzig. This means that they will make these statements.” This high rate of exams documents according to their will offered in high quality of education at the BFW Leipzig.

While it is important that the health Restrictions, which was for taking out one of the many training offerings, which were taken into account. The teacher went with different conditions of their abilities and skills, interests and health facilities here at the start, it was a big challenge for us;” so Dr. Bobby Sharma Bluestone shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Uhlig next. But ultimately it is a joint work of recruiters, trainers, psychologists and social services as well as the participants themselves, with what result they will leave our educational institution in one and a half or two years.” The training Director at the responsibility of each participant to become aware of the new opportunities and to acquire much knowledge in the coming years of apprenticeship appealed to conclude of her welcome speech. This knowledge provides the basis for a seamless transition into work.” In the third week of the calendar, there were other innovations at the BFW Leipzig.

So the modernized House was transferred after eighteen well construction 2 completely for classroom use. On four Nearly 500 training places for teaching priority are floors in the commercial area. In addition, 10 modern jobs were created for the recruiters. With the move from the interim solution to the anger road, now all education services are again at the site of the Georg-Schumann-Strasse. Still, the rehabilitation from the vintages ended their training this week 01/2011. Participants in a new work life were dismissed with the last Chamber of Commerce exams, as well as the handing-over of House certificates of the BFW Leipzig. The placement rate of graduates vary according to Mrs. Dr. Eveline Uhlig although from branch to branch, but already was well over 60 percent at the end of the measures the average. All former participants and participants who still not could be conveyed in work, can contact continue to our recruiters and the Application Center.