Its first meeting has been the holder of foreign, Trinidad Jimenez, to talk about the economy, the situation in Libya and Afghanistan and the Spain-U.S. relations. On the agenda of Clinton, meetings with Zapatero, the King and Rajoy. To know more about this subject visit Camden Treatment Associates. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the President of the Government, has undertaken this Saturday before the Secretary of State American, Hillary Clinton, to continue to promote structural reforms that will enable to consolidate the recovery, and has highlighted the importance of fiscal consolidation processes. Zapatero, who met at the Palacio de La Moncloa with the Secretary of State American, on the occasion of his official visit to Madrid, has informed Clinton of the efforts that the EU is doing to ensure the euro’s stability and improve their economic governance, according to the Government on its website. In this way, Zapatero It responds to the words of Clinton, that he has encouraged this Saturday the Spanish Government to complete the economic reform package that has underway to restructure finances and strengthen the competitiveness of the Spanish economy.

Clinton has shown understanding with that is difficult measures they take time and patience and it is important to achieve it until the end. In addition, Clinton has assured that Spain can count on friendship proyects in Europe of the Government and the people of the USA. It is the second fastest growing EE UU inverter. In addition, the Secretary of State stressed that American support for the Spanish economy is very strong. The Secretary of State has made these statements at a working breakfast with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez in the Viana Palace at 0900 hours on Saturday, in which both reviewed matters of mutual interest and international news, as the situation in Afghanistan and Libya.