Brand Stone Island appeared in 1982. Since its inception, designer brands have tried to expand the boundaries of use of unconventional materials in the production of casual wear. The result of these studies obtained are unique in design, process development and manufacturing of things. Raincoats, made of nylon monofilaments used in the process of water filtration. Nylon cloth, lightweight and durable, which by means of vacuum covered with microscopic steel foil used in the aviation industry.

Diamond nylon with a polyurethane coating that is used for construction purposes. These are just some examples of how highly specialized industrial technology can be used in the fashion industry. Stone Island, not stopping at each new season offers something new and unexpected. Brand philosophy is expressed not only through the materials, but also through the color palette – most often severe, plain and muted tones. Another hallmark of Stone Island is the brand logo – the compass, usually tabbed at the sleeve of clothing. Thus, despite the innovative nature of things under the brand Stone Island looks extremely calm and concise, though composed entirely of technological secrets. As pobodaet clothing similar persuasion – with the idea in earnest. Followed by stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg becomes the first online store where you can purchase items under the brand Stone Island.