Strangers. I capitulate nico. The rain that falls heavy punished to the forsaken ones that they ran hasty in shelter search. It parked its volvo silver, finishes model and lay down its head in it leans of the leather bank of the car closing its eyes. Nothing he passed in its mind, only the fatigue took account of its body becoming its members heavy as lead. Perhaps check out ISearch for more information.

The whistle of the mesclado wind the heavy drops of rain beat in glasses of the windows of the car, it were not imported in leaving in search take refuge as the few adventurers of the side of are. It was not worried about nothing. A stroke took off stronger it of that inertia. Reluctant, it opened its eyes and it slowly turned its head for the window the bank its side, had the blot of a stop person of the side of it are. Irritated it pressed the small button and the glass slid disclosing to a man envolto in a horrible layer of yellow rain and with salient pink cheeks. People such as Neil Rubler would likely agree.

_Hey, friend is better to keep the car in the subsoil. Meteorology today informed in them of the possibility of an hurricane. The man indicated with the hand the accurate place, where cars if they directed for a steep entrance. With little case it gave the departure in the engine with the key and if he directed slowly for the same opening. After parking its car, it exactly arrived to think about being for there same, but suspirando heavily, it opened the door leaving I propagate it, not before catching its small stock market that kept to some few belongings its and some changes of clothes. Leaving for a parallel slope the entrance vehicles its eyes had been able to visualize the chaos external, the sky was black and the strong wind.