Tissat, a leader in the telecommunications sector in the Valencian Community, celebrates its twentieth anniversary. The company is 20 years old Valencia Tissat dedicated to technological innovation in communication systems, information management and IT security. Tissat is a leader in telecommunications and Information Technology (ICT), providing services to private companies and public administrations. Tissat collaborates with public authorities in developing solutions that provide citizens access to information, close the institutions and their services to society, and provide help to special groups. Additional services include the Emergency and Public Safety, be responsible for managing the 112 emergency system in the Region of Murcia, of the 112 emergency system in the Valencian Community and support systems to special groups such as Care Service 24 Women’s Centers and Telephone Service on the Rights of Women to the Ministry of Labour and Immigration of the Government of Spain. In particular stresses its system of virtual communities, to zoom tools and information services for local and regional governments to citizens, which has been successfully implemented throughout the Valencian Community and in other European regions.

The company also is responsible for the Center for Telecommunications and Information Systems from the Generalitat Valenciana (CTSI), which offers a comprehensive technological support to the administration. Their commitment to quality and innovation has been recently endorsed by the granting in 2009 of ISO 20000 certification for IT Service Management System for Information Technology. Tissat Valencia is the first company to receive this certification, which recognizes the high quality of service management solutions for information technology. Founded in Valencia in 1990, Tissat SA began its activities by developing communications infrastructure within the Valencian Community. Since 1996, the company evolved over market, and refocus its business to become a technology company that develops and provides advanced solutions and services for complex environments and Internet communications, contributing to the development of information society and providing value to the business processes of organizations. Grown steadily since that date, Tissat currently has more than 120 professionals in offices in Madrid, Murcia and Valencia.