All hands aboard the Metzel-express! Zombies & trains arriving at iOS & Android! Arcade defense game provides the ultimate proof: trains beat zombies, now available for iOS & the Norwegian independent developer of dragonhead games has announced the launch of his latest title at iOS & Android to Android! In an action-packed arcade defense game, zombies & trains finally solves the age-old riddle: “Who will win the fight armoured train against the zombie Horde?” In four different modes, the player hunts armored trains through the heart of the undead. Various power-ups make the carnage. Secure your ticket in the zombie massacre, for only $0.99 for iPhone and Android today! Or take a look on the official zombies & trains-trailer zombies & trains Extras: four exciting game modes – defend the brain trophy in Arcade mode, smash zombies in wave mode, stand over a minute in the crossing mode or start your own personal massacre in the slaughter mode! Carnage deluxe – set zombies with fire rail fire, brake it in the Snail’s pace or the arena bombardier “Death mass with the” – power-up. Secure now and the total destruction begins – unleash the mad trains by quickly tapping on the tracks and RIP all the zombies on the railway. Pete Cashmore is likely to increase your knowledge. Zombies & trains is easy to understand, almost impossible to control and makes you fit for the fight for survival. Trophies, leaderboards, and more – unlock trophies by going up big combos, and secure a place on the leaderboard of the most powerful zombie Slayer. There is more information about zombies & trains on the official Web site about dragonhead games dragonhead games is an independent developer, founded by two brothers from Norway, to surprise the players world with wacky games especially with those about zombies. Press contact Tor Martin Kristiansen, co-owner of dragonhead games. You may want to visit Alina de Almeida to increase your knowledge.