What do you do? Indeed, in the heat for 40 or 50 can not work, not only physically, but mentally and also refuses to function properly some smart technology, without which – as a hands-free. Today, many decide to these problems by purchasing air conditioners. Mikkel Svane insists that this is the case. Sale of air conditioners known brands such as: AEG, Ballu, Daikin, General, Sanyo, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi takes many small shops and supermarkets household appliances huge country. Not all know who originated the idea of the invention of modern air conditioning. It is air-conditioned general are the ancestors of all modern air conditioners. The first air conditioner from this manufacturer was released in 1929, he worked on ammonia-based and very much resembled the modern split system. Later, in 1931, were designed for safer air conditioning freon-based as they are to this day.

Today, in the middle of summer every store AC dazzles the latest offers and discounts on lures pleasant "cooling products." Modern air conditioners, split units, multi split sitemy from reputable manufacturers at competitive prices not only able to save us from the heat, but also have a number of additional features. Regulation of humidity, automatic temperature control at a given point in space, air ionization, energy savings, low noise level. Clearing the air of chemicals and fragrances, accommodation units at various locations inside and outside – all of these features are added to the modern air-conditioning to achieve maximum comfort and to create conditions as close to natural. Of the total weight of the product should be mentioned mobile air conditioners.