Advisory Board endorses further investments Paderborn (Germany), 1 February 2012: Orga systems continued its revenue growth driven by investments in its products, services and sales coverage. The 2011 annual turnover has grown 30% higher over the past 2 years. The volume of year end backlog for 2012 has almost tripled as compared to that for 2010 this excellent result is due to 18 months of extensive business transformation with more than 80 m subscribers added on its system. The Advisory Board has reinforced its support for the management’s plan. The Advisory Board has recommended and the shareholder has approved the budget for 2012, which is geared towards Ford manufacturing expansion.

ORGA Systems’ Advisory Board what established in late of 2010 it consists of international experts and executives from the telecommunications industry and the financial sector. The Board is focussing on strategic guidance and governance for the company and acts as a sparring partner to the executive team in its pursuit of international expansion and sector leadership. Business transformation well under way Ramez Younan, well-appointed as CEO in 2010, has implemented significant changes which are reflected in these results. After optimizing business processes and the Organization, he has focused on customer care with a special focus on international expansion, product portfolio, services and partners. Today, ORGA Systems supports customers in 27 countries through its 13 locations around the world. Additional centres opened in Buenos Aires, Dubai, Calcutta and Moscow provide local access to growth regions in South America, Africa and Asia, and CIS. “The Board is impressed by the pace and excellent results that the new management have achieved so far,” says Dr Wolfgang Hanrieder, Chairman of the Board. “This success should be recognized as very significant as ORGA Systems has followed its strategy of profitable growth and achieved these successes in times of increasing price and competitive pressures, as well as a discouraging general economy.