In the first part we talked about how it is possible to learn the language of the whole company, and is it possible at all. What services are offered today language courses, how often are they and how classes are classes in such schools. Often, in the English language school is really all very simple: the teacher may even come to your office anywhere in the city at a convenient time for you, as well as the level of initial training may be any. So, language centers offer a wide range of educational programs, different in their specifics and extent. By the same author: altavista. Among them: a general English course, advanced courses, Business English – a general and basic courses, conversational English for business English to communicate by telephone, the English to negotiate, English for presentations and many other programs. ???? ?? ?? spoke with conviction. During training, the program may be made by adjustments according to the wishes of students, at the request of the corporate client may invite from overseas teacher – native speaker. Homework – not burdensome. In such centers may provide discounts for corporate clients, which are determined individually for each company after the development program.

You are free to participate in the development of individual courses for your company, all the nuances of the learning process, comments and suggestions on your part will be recorded in a special contract. As elsewhere, according to generally accepted standards, the academic year in many training centers runs from September 1 to June 30. Mode, the intensity of occupation, duration of one session, the total number of hours per academic year determined in accordance with a program teaching English.