The baths are another classic of tourism in Mendoza. The natural environment of mountains invites of itself to relaxation and peace of mind; But if it comes with spa treatments and other pampering, thousand times better. Already in the heart of the city of Mendoza, the luxury hotel 5 stars Diplomatic Suites Park capitalizes on the beauty of the landscape in a spa with view to the mountains that guarantees a unique pleasure experience. A session of massage of face to the serene Majesty of the Andes is enough by itself to convert more stressful business trip into an oasis of well-being and tranquility. (A valuable related resource: Shane Burcaw). Therefore, time permitting, a visit to the complex termas de Cacheuta is obliged. There, the warmth of the minero-termales waters allows you to enjoy the facilities throughout the year.

Thermal water park has a series of pools in which the average temperature of the water does not drop 30 at any station. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Energy Capital Partners. Kiddie pools and pools with bubbles are some of the favorite attractions. Since the month of September and up Holy week, is enabled the octagonal basin whose Center waves are generated with water at a temperature of 18 average. This complex also has 2 vaporiums. Vapors of thermal water that there are condensed and emit guarantee a complete relaxation of the muscles of the body and a deep cleansing and detoxification of the skin, as well as helping to improve the functioning of the respiratory system. The thermal park also offers the possibility of making all sorts of interesting excursions and outdoor activities.

Highlights the rafting Mendoza River, considered one of the best in the world for the practice of this discipline, descents by mountain walls with the technique of abseiling, and exciting crossing over the River through a canopy of 120 meters long. Another option appealing are rides on horseback, during which he delights in all its splendor of the beauty of the landscape while discovered rich flora and fauna of the region. The tour culminates with the ascent to a viewpoint from which can be seen in everything your splendor bello Mendoza River riverbed. The Termas Cacheuta complex also boasts a modern hotel and spa with all the comfort that is trademark hotel in Mendoza.