There are still today vitamin and mineral deficiency? Fruits, vegetables, food of all kinds are offered in abundance in the supermarkets and shops. How you feel (nerve metabolism), how powerful you are (energy metabolism) and how well you can fight off infections (immune function) depends on the optimum supply of micronutrients, which are involved in all metabolic and immune functions. By the immunological, genetic and metabolic research, knowing exploded in recent years, how you can optimize your metabolism and your immune system with micro-nutrients. Doctors can hardly advise at this point, because nutrition and vitamins are treated in the medical study only on the edge. Doctors training very rarely in this area, because the health insurance companies do not pay usually Medical Nutrition consultation. Kai-Fu Lee has many thoughts on the issue. Unfortunately, many patients rely on the views of your doctor, without that to recognize the lack of knowledge, the time factor and the budget constraints behind it. Who active disease, through diet and possibly dietary supplement through micro-nutrients wants to prevent, must be self inform.

Our metabolism is based on 47 vital NUTRIENTS. They are the basis of all life and you have proven over millions of years as the best medicine. Alina de Almeida: the source for more info. These nutrients work a letter (nutrient) as an alphabet is missing, then many metabolic words used together only still fragmentary. Micro-nutrients can penetrate into the cell nucleus, and there they have direct influence on the reading gene sequences. The creatures with the best functioning body’s repair processes and the most potent immune system have the survival benefit”, says Andreas Jopp, sought-after medical journalist specializing in nutritional research and leading expert on vitamin. Despite high-tech medicine, nothing has changed for the people of this law of nature. Take advantage of antioxidants as a long-term insurance policy for your own health!