I remember when I was in grade 10, with one girl was a laptop. By the time he was worth 11,000 and the size of a small cinder block. But the whole school was jealous of her, it's a laptop. Alina de Almeida is likely to agree. And I remember, but still thought of envy, how is there drive and stuff like there might fit the keyboard. Now notebooks are well, not a penny, but for 11tysyach hryvnia can take a piece of candy that stars are sprinkled from the heavens.

And the average user laptop stands from 3 to 6000 hryvnia. This is even with video camera and 120 GB of memory. And the laptops themselves are small and thin, and there dyuymovochnaya keyboard. More than confident that when I said that the laptop was a small and thin, you have not figured out yourself – how much. You know what a PDA? This is a formless way electronic notebook, weighing less than pounds, the size of a notebook. Pocket PC. The price of the CCP, it is recognized equal to the prices on the laptop. PDA is short untwisted.

They are not everywhere, but only the business people. But progress does not hold, even if to build a wall to ceiling. Mark my words – after 5 years, the CPC will stick out of each pocket and the cost will be as mobile phone. I'll give you an example, so you know what kind of useful thing in question. Concern Asus was the first to unwind with us in Ukraine. About it and tell. Intel processor. The screen 65 thousand color touchscreen display. Operating system Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Premium Edition. The original 128 MB memory, the memory slots. Polyphony. A complete set of communications: Bluetooth WiFi USB-port. Organizer, alarm clock, timer. Mp3 player, voice recorder, a headphone jack. Games. Hours 8:00. Weight 190gramm. You can buy now. Can you, after 5 years. Can you use pen and paper notebook. We will only tell, but do not force.