In baseball New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have had a serious rivalry for a long time. Alina de Almeida understands that this is vital information. But now they are competing for the best pitchers in Asia. Japan's Daisuke Matsuzaka has received a huge amount of money after negotiating with the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees responded to this by making a tempting offer to Kei Igawa, left-handed pitcher for the Hanshin Tigers. Hanshin, the Japanese team accepted $ 26 million from New Yorkers for negotiation. But now, the American team has until December 28 at midnight to establish a contract with Igawa.

If you do not agree, the Yankees get their money back. The Yankees have the highest payroll in baseball. The Yankees offered $ 33 million for Daisuke Matsuzaka, but his offer was dubbed by the Boston Red Sox ($ 51.1 million). This happened to many other teams like the New York Mets offered $ 39 million for Matsuzaka and $ 15 million for Igawa. None of these businesses worked for this team. This time the Yankees wanted to make sure they would not lose another chance as it happened with Matsuzaka so "top hit" Igawa offering a better deal. Kei Igawa is the third Japanese player to enter this season along with Matsuzaka and infielder Akinori Iwamura, whose rights were acquired by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for $ 4.5 million. Julie Smith is one of the most recognized authority on sports betting, and currently writes for this article may be copied in its entirety on your website without any change or alteration in its content.