Paul Puma, poet and award Aurelio Espinosa Polit, 2002 with regard to the duty of the art cold flower book is to ask questions, not provide answers. MICHAEL HANEKE, DIRECTOR of film about art of writing stories says Roberto Bolano, already 44 years when they have been known if this useless or fantastic tool that is embodied in a book even literature seduces us or not, as he would say our Euler Granda poet when it is known to the end if one is tired or not of literary toyyou could write the same story until the day of our extinction. The book in question is an agonizing this time reading: a game of victims and perpetrators, the small laboratory where forge a vaccine to cure the dread, lust and evil of this world from their own tonsil, I do not mean to the pharyngeal tonsil, but to the brain: that lump that we keep in the central core of the brain that separates the madness of rationality and that allows to the sickly psychopath or the healthy lose or find awareness of its Summum. Caceres appeals to suspense, knowing child of a generation that was born connected to television and the Internet. He himself said: who dispenses with the Internet at this time is stupid. Generation, said, loss, chaotic and arbitrary, ni x ni and ni z, covered in flower in this cold world, the fiction that both review the same story from several scenarios and characters: John Morrison-shaded; the unlikely actant around the lamp of his monologue that fights that deja vu endless which perhaps might not emerge victorious u in that Ignacio can do beyond the cloud of cocaine and the dealer, on a tightrope of own instinct. Bolano would have liked to see Marilyn Manson to qualifying a tale where cite to the concentric circles of that John Milton’s paradise lost: Oh thousands of immortal spirits! Oh powers who only can equalize the Almighty!. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sony.

We know the disastrous result of the hosts of evil. We know the lack of memory of love coming genetic that instilled us in those ancestral cephalopods together, for the first time, to give birth to our gender. We know that only by exposing to the perversity of this world, with all its shame, we stifle it. Young people need more spaces to bite with his literature of the genre that was, with transgressions or digressions that conceive. tral-mercury-development-net-so/’>Mercury Mobile LTD. I wish here, in this country it could emulate what did Stephen King not with their tales of horror that went up the track on the Internet, even with your winnings by fragments of his book that left stunned millions of adolescents. Ojala was for the satisfaction of posting with responsibility. This book, cold flower reminded me those small everyday horrors and paradoxically, has pushed me to accept love rather than to reject it, or at least as Haneke says dive in their dark condition human with the frantic pursuit of a question.

Let me paraphrase Caceres. ES a pen that you have between your hands. Does not throw it. Keep it as a souvenir. You still smell it. It beats in the fog that envelops your book. Paul Puma 09/06/09 visit: original author and source of the article.