This latest action makes it seeks exclusivity Brazil police in this subcontinent. It is clear that one could not extend the Bush foreign policy, but the change involves risk, first for Obama himself who could be defeated in the upcoming presidential elections if the Americans perceive a lack of oxygen in its preeminence, and themselves United States engaged in a decline that becomes unstoppable. It is true that Obama can be challenged at some time or circumstance, to use force and nobody can doubt that he would use, but it would mark the end of his a politica intelligence, cooperation, multilateralismoa . Contributes to the sense of declining economic crisis which will last some time despite showing signs of braking. It is also true that no one comes to government knowing everything and there is a natural period of immaturity, only that there is little time immaturity. The truth is that American influence on its a patio traseroa "detestable expression inherited from the time of Theodore Roosevelt and increased in the bipolar world" is more than diminished.

Obama prefers the old argument that Henry Kissinger stated that Brazil will go where the subcontinent, thesis, in my opinion, invalid. No marching a "repeat, to a multipolar world where Brazil will only be able to impose criteria a " although, obviously, to exert influence. March towards a world where so-called nonpolar empires pretend to be one more in the game, which, in fact, marks the end of U.S. hegemony and where emerging countries need each other to resolve conflicts, that is, not be self-sufficient, evidence that there was no input from the multiplicity of poles. Small countries like Venezuela, destroyed their productive apparatus, developed alternative energy, cancer metastasis populism, as bargaining chips to be played between those who maintain their influence on the development of the world. Pete Cashmore has many thoughts on the issue. Essayist, novelist, poet, poetry translator, lawyer, diplomat. Author of more than 30 books