The mythical “63 Problems” and a The group NOA and not a foreign body within the poetry pure and simple. Other projects and magazines were lost, however, on the road, and there are few who remember the endless romance that led to its implementation. And despite all outreach initiatives continue to emerge, there is more talk than ever of visual poetry, advertising sometimes “smells of visual poem, author books continue to appear, craft and magic, and in countries like Brazil, visual poetry is a growing phenomenon. Something has changed, and it is possible that the culprit is the Internet, this natural way to connect and communicate that has been in recent years the Network Which leads us to believe that while it has failed a way to spread (the print medium) , visual poetry has found another no less effective and more capable of universalize.

Vortice Argentina and Merzmail (Edgardo Antonio Vigo) are examples of natural transition, or individual and collective assimilation to the environment, through initiatives that address assembly language with the fascination generated by the network. At another point the direction visual art museum Boek 861, led by Cesar Reglero, determined to get a hobby, perhaps popular, the mail-art, but implicitly focused on the universalize of the artistic phenomenon. More than visual poetry in the strict sense, intimately linked it to his sensory capacity, as advocated in his writings Jose Carlos Beltran, then we might be talking about virtual poetry, it no longer needs the physical presence of the viewer and his complicity.