Cost of the facilities have always been incorporated in the price per square meter, but in a situation where one apartment, there are ten buyers, developers could save, usually by allocating a small own sales department, a separate company, to remove unnecessary questions of value added, explaining its services subsidiary agency. With a main objective the promotion and implementation of facilities solely builder, skills, active sales staff often did not have. Peter Asaro gathered all the information. In the fall of purchasing power similar to "hothouse" of the enterprise proved ineffective. This happened mainly due to limited supply, as the options and range of related services. In addition, virtually no demand for basic services exclusive revenue "Hothouse companies, such as registration of assignment of claims, which inevitably enjoyed investors – speculators. Today these agencies simply do not justify its costs. Increased importance of real estate Companies that have good branch system, qualified staff.

Sometimes to the agency, as a last straw, turning the company close to bankruptcy stage. For those of construction companies raised funds from investors will be "drop in the ocean of debt, and investors have joined the ranks of those who looks forward to his apartment for years. The second category of problematic developers – is an enterprise with the task of recruiting funds for items with problematic and unfinished documentation for construction. This is a serious factor in the future may create obstacles in the construction of houses and at the stage of commissioning. Worth Note that there can not be made the distinction between specific developers, because a construction company can be both qualitative and problematic sites.