Indeed, if a dog with an inadequate search behavior, does not detect or signals in an intervention operation, collapse, one or more persons, who demonstrably were buried alive, and whose physical and physiological flow emission odoriferous, comprised mostly estimated, on the threshold of perception of the dog or dogs involved, the formal responsibility lies with the Head of UCR who took the helm of that operation. A copy properly trained and certified in operating, you may lose or suffer a serious deterioration in their level of operation, efficiency, performance in a loss, for various reasons (inaccuracy and lack of rigor in engineering design and / or development practical exercises of the regular maintenance, often in inadequate implementation of practices, poor management skills of intervention in claims) even in a very short space of time, as actually happened on several occasions, with specimens that have formed and officially certified.

The level of operation would be evidenced repeatedly in simulations of exceptional difficulty and diversity, and that after a period of time, more or less long, after departing from formal instruction, we note that neither the guide nor the respective Head of Unit were able, for technical reasons or otherwise, to maintain the operational level achieved even after specialized training in the course. Obviously, if notice is progressive and difficult situation, the Head of Unit, is obliged to deliver pre-emptively, the resulting formal report to their respective High Command, the Head of Service, reporting the condition of inoperability to intervene in the copy or copies, specifying specific causes, and where possible should address this anomaly by programming the necessary technical monitoring cycles and recycling of dogs and / or persons it deems useful in all aspects relevant..