Cats are beautiful and there are a variety of them with large and varied features that make each one of the species divine creatures that can very easily be liked by anyone, because each species unique characteristics that make each one very special, so the feature that shall be mentioned with respect to a good amount of cats can be removedIt is that of the size of the cat. First on the list is the american curl which has the particularity of having curly ears, there are also ones that have straight lines, in terms of the size of the cat, it is medium, like the skeleton that gives the body, a peculiarity that should have this cat, is that he prefers more that your body has a good structure to exceed the size of the cat. The next cat that is part of the list, is the Turkish angora, the size of the cat is small to medium, this respect females, in terms of the size of the cat with regard to males, could be a little larger, to talk a little more about this feline, your osadura as well as the size of the cat is small, but should be very solid. Following the list of cats, it is the turn of Burmese, cat who possesses great beauty, the size of the cat is medium, although it has a very solid and body lengthened, sustained by a few feet short but very strong as well. Another beautiful cat of great importance, which goes largely to mention about the size of the cat and other features, is the Egyptian cat, as regards the size of the cat, has an average height, but her body is very proportionate and balanced, also has big muscles, sustained by a few long legs, has a long tail and which terminates at tip, this cat has a great beauty, which is largely provided by its size and the color of his fur. Swarmed by offers, Energy Capital Partners is currently assessing future choices. Another cat that much is worth making mention of their physical characteristics, is the European short hair, which is listed as a powerful cat, as regards the size of the cat is big closures, both so it has been called animal large, understanding from the low normal size that will partner the size of the common, in addition to being a large cat cat, has big muscles, but their legs are something short for your body, but possess great force. Another cute cat of which will be mentioned, is the American tip hair, the size of the cat is medium to large, a feature that makes special to this cat is your hair, tips are shaped curve which gives you a very nice and unique texture. Although mention of the size of the cat, in reference to many breeds of them, can be made allusion to some few, but in final the size of the cat is not of great importance, because it is whatever these pets are always very pleased. For even more details, read what Oxford says on the issue. Original author and source of the article