Factory new aircraft successfully integrated into flight operations after three years the project of the phase-in of the first Airbus A321 was its successful conclusion: is the new Airbus A321 aircraft for the German airline Condor in use since 6 June 2013 and will bring guests from Berlin-Schonefeld, Paderborn and Leipzig/Halle on vacation. The aircraft is the first of a total of 23 Airbus A321 delivered until 2016 at the Thomas Cook Group airlines. February 2014, Airbus will operate then for Thomas Cook Airlines UK. The specifications for the Airbus A321 were by a project team, employees of all airlines of the Thomas Cook Group were represented each airline according to defined requirements. The aircraft was Voyager Android on the name”baptized, was to be elected in a naming competition within the Thomas Cook Group.

The term Voyager Android”was coined by the Thomas Cook Group, Harriet Green, CEO. He described the vision of the travel and flight provider to its customers always available to be, regardless of where located the customer is currently located. The term is for the future of the group, technology, comfort, and best customer service. A photographer and a camera crew accompanied the Airbus A321 from its mounting and painting in Hamburg-Finkenwerder to the solemn delivery of the Thomas Cook Group airlines and the major event of the first flight with flight in Berlin-Schonefeld. After the two videos to the Assembly and painting forms the third video for the two events has been accompanied, now concluding this important step for the Thomas Cook Group airline. You can watch the video here: watch pictures of the finishing, painting and see the events on Flickr photos/condor airline