You already heard somebody speech that the young has a natural affinity with the technology? I am certain that yes! Today, people with age between 20 and 30 years include, me, super are antenadas in technology. All good, always has that one that says ' ' nor I am in such a way thus, only use necessrio' ' , but it asks to the parents of it if the necessary one of yesterday is the necessary one of today, obviously the reply will be negative. To analyze the behavior of Generation Y (it is as soon as call in them for there) helps to understand the changes that the technology is causing. Generally the people consume content in the Internet, or look only that of somebody spoke, the Y are different, it are much more of what consuming, it she creates and she modifies the content and she passes the antenado time all to discover the new features they inform without it, is as to buy a new device, in contrast of the majority, the Y beyond wanting the last model, do not read the manual, only use. The difference enters the generations is not on only in as the technology is used, it goes very beyond, it is mannering, the technology caused new forms to act and to think and consequentemente to buy, to work, to take a walk and if to amuse. Then this papo ' ' technology x geraes' ' still it must very be explored, mainly for who desires to use the Internet to reach its white public, because to study the behavior of the generations it can guarantee excellent results without shots in the dark one.