Today, the number of users with access to broadband Internet has grown exponentially. This has stimulated the already growing phenomenon of the use of voice over IP technology; Why are countless companies that are offering free access to voice over IP, combined with a variety of calling and messaging options to choose. Since the invention of the cell phone that was not lived a very marked revolution in telecommunications, and the high level of popularity it allows natural persons or companies do free calls through computers. Technology currently has certain limitations, only works of computer to computer, therefore requires a plate sound, speakers, and microphones in the PC laptop that is used. On the other hand, as the greater part of the last generation computers include these features, likely not necessary to purchase additional hardware, which in economic terms is more than interesting. The only condition sine qua non, is a high speed, preferably DSL or cable Internet connection. Currently, most popular freeware Homestyle and for small or medium-sized business IP voice is Skype, which can be downloaded free and quickly from your website on the Internet and configured in a few minutes, only to create a user and adding a contact in a list, is ready to make the first call. On the other hand, and only for Apple users, iChat AV is the software for most popular IP voice, although it should be remembered that the last OS X, an easy access software is needed for video calls on Mac. Its most outstanding feature is its ability to carry out videoconferences..