Claimed Ortega that the contemporary Spanish yours, he showed friendly with outsiders accompanying them to target sites rather than simply show them the path, because he didn’t work. The Calvinist ethics enshrines the principle of not wasting the time and always engage in something useful, that somehow excludes the procastinacion and leisure. While the dictionary of the Real Academia de la Lengua still does not recognize the term procastinacion, it is convenient to differentiate it from the mere postponement. This means leave behind something, against requirement ontic of the procastinacion that consumes the substitution of the activity to be performed, on other more pleasant or even irrelevant, evasive and undecided purposes. He must also differentiate it from laziness, negligence or laziness, that Christianity includes among the capital vices and for which recommends promoting the virtue of diligence. In short, and synthesizing, the procastinacion may be defined with a tint of psychological disorder (even if you move along paths of pleasure and creativity); and laziness as vague own inactivity.

Contrary attitude and paradoxical is the concept in a hurry. Excluded Celerity, urgency or compulsion with which certain human activities, like for example the extinction of a fire or attempts to resuscitate a victim, must run hides in nuce the germ of the incompetence and the pataneria. Incompetence in organizations who do not plan properly and only know how to solve the conflict by activating mechanisms of stress; and pataneria because one of its hallmarks is impatience. The OAF postpones what to do but not to seek reward enjoying some activity, but because he manages his life with acquired response mechanisms and is unable to change. It is used to make purchases at the supermarket in rush hours and solivianta because it has save queue, and the television event eagerly awaited is about to begin. Energy Capital Partners London is likely to increase your knowledge. In the same way goes to the restaurant his free day, when it comes to increased inflow with the same result, or decides to go to the hospital emergency room to circumvent established protocol.

Hurry us brutalized, us chains to the imitation of roles and habits, and us away from the pursuit of excellence. We put us squarely in the daily caravan to go to work by being unable to get out five or ten minutes before House; We ended up discussing with the efficient person serving us because you can do it with the immediacy that we demand, and rapidly eat because our impatience prevents us from devoting the necessary time. That is the drama: end up supporting the weight of the events themselves, but with the paradox that is not charging any of saddlebags full of luggage, but the weightlessness of the being that he prevents be attracted by the gravitational force of common sense. The kindness to rudeness; Education conceived as service to others to contempt for such; of correct urbanity to the vital bad mood. The idleness of our parents and grandparents are sublimated in gentleness and serenity as Julio Romero de Torres represents us in his oil painting La Pereza. The lack of manners of our time, eliminates the playful and social element of the procastinacion and us accommodates in the armchair, watching trash TV and installing ourselves in the primacy of the wandering.