Transferred to the medicine this means: If a patient comes to the investigation and describes his complaints, must be clarified to associate is which group. At first everything seems plain as day and the diagnosis seems determined. In addition the diagnosis becomes more difficult, the cause should be undetectable. Ali Partovi often says this. So, a constantly decreasing circle is drawn with the hope to find the cause. Every opportunity must be taken into consideration and this is sometimes very complicated. “Sometimes it’s even impossible to find, sometimes you can find the cause until the cause when several onion skins” have been removed, which had changed the views on the cause. It is crucial that the therapist and the patient that there are many ways to the disease and the problem in finding the cause is now chronically ill people is aware.

So I had as a patient who complained about severe tooth pain and had no caries or otherwise comprehensible inflammation. To the same time, there was a big change in his life because he had bought a hotel due to a decision with his wife, which both should lead. He however not really wanted. He had promised her, out of love for her, felt unwell since then but only. This fact attracted such strong tension in him, that they moved to an excessive load on the mouth muscles and thus was the trigger for the pain. The pain 3 days went by after this had become aware of him. It I turned out then, that his wife only with reluctance wanted hotel because she wanted to make him right there. Both divorced once again from this hotel. With this example I want to them give a, that the complexity of health complaints sometimes hard to find out, since the cause in things is hidden here estimates the dentist, the patient as not important for the therapist, and therefore also not told.