The traditional curricular organization of composed Average Ensino for 12 you discipline, still it is one practical one of the schools, and alone it is happening because the proper school did not implant the Reformation of Average Ensino, that is, to work the Resume in the perspective of the knowledge areas, as Resolution N. 03/98 of the National Advice of Education, as it is charged in the tests of the ENEM. The ENEM for being an evaluation that also requires a resume organized for knowledge area and the development of abilities and the construction of abilities, these is pedagogical conceptions that form understood well by the school, is not practical part of the curricular one of Average Ensino of many schools, then because to use an instrument of evaluation and technician for the states that they desire to adhere to the proposal of ' ' Average education Inovador' ' , program of the federal government, does not go to modify in nothing, what it is happening is that union is pressuring the states and the federal district to accept the conditions imposed for its proposal. Schools can to organize its resumes of education, since that they follow the federal lines of direction that are composed for a common national base and the diversified part, this is a recommendation it dispatches by post in the legal devices and it must be nationwide. ' ' They will be able to decide the form of distribution of the contents of them you also discipline in the groups and the focus of the program (work, science, technology or culture). ' ' Today what it is educational rank in terms of pedagogical conception, legislation and politics, makes possible offers of an education of quality since that they use the estimated ones suggested by documents of the proper Ministry.

It does not have newness, the set of the lines of direction are; the LDB/96, the Resolution n.03/98CNE and the laws of the respective state systems of education, everything is published, is in the schools, only needs to be used. How much to ' ' base comum' ' , it wants to say that the Resume of Average Ensino must be organized by one ' ' national base comum' ' ' ' diversified part? of 800h and or 200 days period of learning, 75% of this horria load must be worked discipline with them of Common National Base and 25% with the Diversified Part. The Common Base National of the resume is composed for a set of disciplines obligator, that is, for all the country, that is; Portuguese language, Art, Physical, Mathematical, Physical, Chemical Education, Biology, History, Geography, Philosophy, Sociology, Modern Foreign Language (diversified part). The Diversified Part of the Resume is reserved so that the states can work contents that can take care of the local and regional questions. Each system of education can organize its resume in order to respect the legal aspects, to center its proposal pedagogical in its necessities and being respected the autonomy of the pertaining to school units. What it is in fact happening is the nomenclature change, its essence in nothing it was modified, it goes to be the same thing, therefore the structural change that they need to be made, these yes, not yet sedimented and for what I see, it does not go to give in nothing. It really does not have necessity to spend money to retouch existing things that need only support and incentive to be consolidated.