So shows among other things, how business processes can sustainably optimize be in company with comprehensive functionality. The Spek trum of the practical software solutions ranges from the overall movement of goods via the digital invoice processing to the fully integrated financial accounting. All software solutions presented at the ISH were developed by experts and specifically geared to industry standard processes. So this can be using different parameters easily customize and handle intuitive due to the modern software architecture. Completely new user concept about RTC to the highlights of the exhibition is without a doubt the idea of RTC variant of the industry already widely used in Gevis solution. This application based on Microsoft and thus a maximum safe program core has a scratch-it out user concept and a new surface: all programs, applications, and information information which a user needs for his daily work, can be show directly on the home screen and open it. The sales manager can see all current orders and open offers of all Verkaufsmit workers of the company such as in addition to his own open tasks, the same applies to the activities of the sales staff.

The main customers, the sales of the previous period or the fast-moving items do is also visible and usable. The requested of the employee becomes an obligation of the system in this way. Much like in the cockpit of an aircraft or in a Briefcase at once all the necessary working documents are available. Everything in sight by business intelligence solution a great assistance for the daily work of the Management Board also the g-cube on the basis of CUBEWARE. This so-called BI (business intelligence) solution can for example collect, which products in the past have been sold, but also the diverse factors have ensured that a product was not sold. About g-cube can also individually be searched for relevant information from the ERP system, as you can put in the desired relationship and gra at the end – fish charts, create columns or signal lights.