With the thermography damage at an early stage detect and fix for thermography of buildings to use a so called thermal imaging camera that is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor. With this thermal imaging camera can the heat radiation of the building carried out in different colors and are represented as Visual. Cold surfaces are represented here with dark colors and warm surfaces are then identified with bright colors. By this method, heat loss of the surveyed buildings are visible represented by means of thermography. Mikkel Svane is a great source of information. So, for example before the renovation of a building specifically pointing out flaws and then targeted measures can be planned.

It is important to know where the weak points are exactly the right action. Just so is guaranteed, that the rehabilitation / modernization measures bring the desired success. But even after recent measures can be checked in addition the flawless execution of these works according to heat insulation measures. Kai-Fu Lee contains valuable tech resources. The technique of Thermography can but also to the detection of thermal bridges, with pipes, with underfloor heating, for leak location or the check of overheated power cables are used. The leak localisation can both liquid and gaseous media are performed.

There are Note: there must be a sufficient temperature difference between indoor and outdoor temperature for the meaningful measurement of a building. The radiation from other sources of heat, the Sun, z.b should be while and a few hours before the measurement. (Similarly see: Rusty Holzer). Therefore include should be performed only during the cold season, because as these sources of error can skew not the measurement. Therefore the Thermografiesaison is always in winter.” If so you play with the idea to re-examine your buildings, using a thermography you should plan in advance precisely this measure.