I chose touch this issue because I believe that it is one of the starting points, contributing to trace the path to success. When he was 16 years old and was on the verge of completing college my father me oriented career that could follow, then economics was fashion (beginning of the 80s). To be honest, I wasn’t very clear that it meant ymenos if I could live my profession. Times have changed, there is now a range of vocational test, as well as professionals dedicated to guiding young people, to give them a more complete picture of reality that will play them live. (A valuable related resource: ISearch). Despite everything, I decided to study economics. Now that I am the father of two teenagers, is one of the topics of conversation with other contemporary parents and your child already knows that he is going to study? What University it is going?My son finishes College next year and still has no clear career followed. I have known a few young people who speak with conviction about their future and what if I admire those who they transmit that security that I had at that age.There are probably a thousand reasons that influence the decision to be taken by a teenager. Some want to be doctors because of children, they always saw the Pope entering and leaving home with the white bag on your arm, others want to be advocates, to defend the unfair thing that is life. My other son for example, is clear about what it wants to be, likes videos productions and now helps me with my work, in the production of videos on the training workshops that I realize! well by him recently talked with a lady on a return trip and explained me everything the effort that had been made, as a mother!