The foam or mopping is a technique whereby we can get incredible results in the finishing of various types of surfaces such as wood, ceramic and plaster.He is very used to stop changing the appearance and texture of walls, doors, tables or chairs. This is a very easy and quick application technique. It consists in passing a cloth or a sponge on a freshly painted surface. With respect to the colors that can be used, while the combinations are limitless, ideally to one wall is to use a range of homogeneous colours, avoiding that they produce a significant contrast. If we are going to carry out this technique on wood, one of the most popular combinations is the ochre and Brown. In the event that we elect to apply two colors, in the upper layer must apply the lighter color, and always let it dry first before applying the second color. The procedure for applying the technique of the fluff on a wall is as follows: for starters, the materials we need are: a natural sponge, paint plastic water either enamel oil, oil glaze and a brush to paint the wall. Paint the surface in the usual way, by applying the hands that are necessary, and once the surface is dry give it a coat of oil glaze.

Then we took the sponge, then cover it in the paint we chose that contrast with the background, and give taps as irregular spots on the painted surface. We thoroughly clean the surface with a cloth, and if we want it we passed again sponge. If instead of this technique with a sponge we make it with a cloth, the procedure is the same, and we must bear in mind that the cloth must be clean and go always bending it in the same way so the texture is couple in the entire wall. Via decorating-interiores.