Covered welding electrodes are most often used for manual arc welding. In using them melt coating, which is formed from the gases and slag, and the rod. Slag acts as a protection of molten metal droplets and weld metal from oxidation. With the help of slag on the surface of the joint is formed a slag coating, which cleans the metal. Formed during the melting of the protective layer of the electrode gases to protect the weld pool from the air. Region use of coated electrodes – Welding ferrous and nonferrous metals, so they are used for surfacing. Their most effective use in the manufacture of parts made of metal thickness greater than 2 millimeters.

Just to plus welding electrode can be attributed to operate in different spatial positions. Required to operate the welding equipment is simple to operate, so you can take it to the universal level. But disadvantage is that this method of welding used manual labor and the fact that the weld metal is mainly formed by the weld metal. So we can conclude that the performance of the process is determined chemical properties of the coating, the kind of current, welding mode, the composition of the electrodes.