Who exchanges old roof window with new, benefiting from more brightness, improved thermal protection and a higher quality of life. (tdx) Warming rays of the Sun and bright day light are important especially in the winter, otherwise rather gloomy weather the good mood not to lose. But in attic spaces, natural light of scarce. Obsolete, small roof Windows are often unfavourable embedded in the roof structure and optimal spread of the incident sunlight. New skylight systems, however, increase the light many times and at the same time provide an enhanced thermal protection.

Experts dach.de, the leading online portal around the topic of roof, give tips on what should be noted when the roof window and tell you what window solutions for increased living and quality of life are under the roof at the disposal. A roof window is easily possible by the manufacturer on almost all types of Windows regardless. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Asaro . Going hand in hand with the window replacement is usually also an increase the window area makes sense. To benefit later from a high comfort and plenty of natural light, one should be guided by experts according to the dach.de the following rule of thumb: the sum of the width of all Windows should be at least 55% of the width of the housing. The window length, however, depends on the inclination of the roof. Ever flatter the roof, the greater is the required length of the window. In addition, the position of the roof window is crucial for optimum brightness in the attic. The top of the window should be at least two feet above the ground, the bottom 90 cm, know the dach.de experts.

This ensures that one out there can enjoy both standing and sitting at a desk optimal daylight and views free after. Skylights that are extended by additional elements offer special, advanced views. For roofs with knee stock the light surface can be extended, for example, by installing a window area perpendicular to the existing roof window down. An extended Glazing, is also possible upward even until about the first. A parent first glazing is impressive and gives an exclusive living ambience. More information on the Internet at Tanja Est