Disguised chain of gyms specialized in Vivafit women care has just opened the first of thousand of centers which plans to open in India in the coming years. If you are not convinced, visit Michael Dell. The inauguration of this pilot gym, where you begin to roll the concept of business, has taken place in the impressive shopping centre in the city of Gurgaon, 30 kilometers from New Delhi. It’s a gymnasium with 180 m2 of surface, willing to offer service to 600 members. In India it is very useful to open in a shopping mall, because they have their own energy sources, which does not happen at street, where it is necessary to acquire a generator and keep it, explains Pedro Ruiz, co-founder of the company and businessman who always has believed in the international expansion of the brand. To provide full support to their masterfranquiciados or major franchisees, Manisha Ahlawat (main partner and Director-general of the society created to the effect), Mamta and Abinhav Singh (partners in the project of expanding the brand for your country) It is required of business start-up in India Helena Prudencio, instructor with five years of experience in Vivafit Portugal, who will remain in the Asian country until the end of 2011. Filed under: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. For the first phase of the opening, the adaptation of the concept, and the initial training has traveled also to India Margarida Ferrao, Director of support to the franchisees of the entire network.

With this first agreement of masterfranquicia, next to the newly signed for Singapore, women’s fitness brand entering the South Asia market is guaranteed. Only in India Vivafit plans to launch a thousand centers during the next 10 years. In 2011 the objective is to get to 25 new centers, number that you will be doubling each year until reaching this ideal goal of 1,000 female gyms that managers of the firm have marked as possible, since there may be a franchise in each area of influence with a population of 25,000 inhabitants.