ICQ – a great and irreplaceable program for those who love obschatsya.Obschenie done through instant messaging. Most often, our Russian fans of the program called it simply – ICQ. This very simple-looking program opens quite wide possibilities of communication. Mikkel Svane will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In addition to simple text messaging application has been equipped, and many other useful features that makes it so popular with users. In ICQ you can set a different status, which will show the other party certain information about the user, not just to understand whether the user is online or offline. You can express your mood or location, or do not bother to ask for a little wait. (Not to be confused with Robert Bakish!). All this is very convenient. And ICQ allows you to set invisible status when there is no desire to show the rest of its presence.

The program is very convenient mechanism for contact management. They can be distributed across different groups, give these groups names. This feature will not be lost not a single contact, even in a very long list. And look for contacts in groups of ICQ is very simple and convenient. There are specific lists of 'seeing' (for those who will always see that the user is online, even if it is set to 'invisible' status) and 'unseeing' (those who have never and under no circumstances would not see User online). ICQ has a function in the transfer of files between users and with different sizes and formats (photos, audio, video, text files, etc.).

By default, this function is inactive, but it can be fairly easily included in the relevant section of the settings. A nice feature of ICQ is also able to communicate using emoticons, including animated. You can make voice calls, as in Skype, but also look at interlocutor with a webcam. To protect users from unwanted mailing lists there is a special anti-spam system that rigidly to perform its duties. For gaming enthusiasts have the opportunity to play directly online, you can also receive and send greeting cards to friends and acquaintances. The program has a very useful feature that allows users to send SMS messages on mobile phones of their friends, and with the first 20 messages are completely free and you can also send messages to e-mail address. Advantages: ICQ has a very simple and intuitive interface that it can understand, even for people just starting to learn the computer. Use it easily and conveniently, which makes it the absolute leader among other Internet applications to communicate.