Attendance to the customer, has that to have quality? Customer, primordial part of an Organization Old, did not think itself in such a way about pleasing the customer as today. A time that the technological transformations, mixture of cultures, pressure of the consumers in demanding each optimumer time of the companies, or et exactly of a simple commercial employee. Everything is if directing for the formation of companies partners, that is, for the partnership between companies, therefore this requirement becomes the competitive environment, the search incited in obtaining to satisfy the customer, as it waits that he is taken care of and offered the product. The customer observes everything that will be to its reach, but the first thing is the vision, visual attraction, when entering in the Store, comes the attendance, has well that to be taken care of, affection, to offer something to degustar, later the attendant shows the attractions of the Store, its products, discountings, promotions, toasts (it will be had), offers, at last, as well as listening what the customer wants, if something called it the attention, or despertou its directions to to enter in the environment.

Therefore, for a company to give itself well in the market, must apply the quality in its functions, since the operational part until the strategical one. More information is housed here: Steve Wozniak. The customer is the soul of the business, the guarantee of survival of the Store, or a commerce. The point of view also to be in the personal side of the customers, to show that enterprise environment receives it with all affection and comfort, beyond keeping always brought up to date of what is transferred in this environment, in terms of offers and attractivenesses. I do not say that the customer goes to be in the company as if she was in house, but as part of this enterprise family, why without the customer no commerce survives. As well as buying well he is synonymous of vender well, a faithful customer is synonymous of organizacional success.. See more detailed opinions by reading what ???? ?? ?? offers on the topic..