Typically, the volume of such funds is EUR 10 million and more. There are safety precautions, this type of Fund by the capital of the institutional investors through monitoring of the Custodian Bank and Auditors is ensured by diversification,. Individual and flexible yield control provides advantages in addition to the personal contact between investors and fund managers. In addition, the increase or the redemption of fund units is possible at any time for the investor. Special funds are subject to the investment law, as well as the supervision of the Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BFin), but less regulated. The investment law stipulates that no more than 30 investors may participate in a special fund. But most of the time an investor a special fund involved.

Institutional investors have the opportunity to seek serious and transparent Fund providers and evaluate on the SCOREDEX homepage. Leasing leasing fund have the focus of its investment activities in the participation of leasing objects. This is invested in commercial, administrative buildings, aircraft, ships or containers. Leasing objects are often on business or leased by local authorities. The leasing fund is among the most transparent investment opportunities, particularly with regard to the content of the contract. Because the prospectus allows information about the agreed period of use, contract and the remainder of the leasing object to receive the investors. In addition, the amount of the lease payments often over a period of many years is firmly agreed, therefore the expected revenues almost on the euro can be calculated exactly. How each investment is out in addition to the positive advantages also disadvantages, the investor should inform about that. Therefore, SCOREDEX offers the investors with assessing seriousness to identify transparent Fund providers. Bonds – chances and risks of bond funds are a form of investment, mostly placed in fixed-income securities, the capital of the investor.