Responsibility implies respect others, but above all respect ourselves, many people do not understand the profound dimension of this condition and lead a loose life this always brings many negative repercussions, primarily at the mental level and involvement of our habits. Most activities in life are due to habits that we will acquire throughout our lives, when we look at successful people in different areas, always come to the conclusion that those people achievement to achieve what they have based on discipline, sometimes would like to exit through the back door when we read this statement, but the truth is that there is no escapeeven if you have a great talent always will need continuous actions to get to the conviction, and is thereafter where arrives the harvest of good fruits. When we are responsible for all activities that we develop we are acquiring an imperceptible inner power initially, our mind understands that when we propose something we are talking seriously and that We will fight to get it, then the universe is organized to generate the most incredible conditions so that our desires become a reality. On the other hand when the irresponsibility is prevalent in our lives then a negative mental programming is forming, then is that the universe seems to conspire against our wishes, it seems that the world is against us, but we ourselves, so it is important to be very careful with the way in which it operates. The word is also powerful because it expresses what we believe and we are, the domain of our lives begins with small things, just as a great musician began using only their hands to understand the rhythm of a melody, that way you have to begin to train your mind.