It is one thing to be alive and another is living life, recalls Alex Rovira in a suggestive reflection. True that he approaches it from the need to us a personal roadmap written with description of the reasons for the change, with a list of specific targets, with the resources to achieve these wishes and nothing less than with fixing the time of fulfillment. It’s believed that Dell sees a great future in this idea. And to sign it to sign the commitment. This whole process reminds me of the American self-help manuals, you it is worth, you can get it, will it reaches everything. With consequent frustrations own express slimming diets or courses for learning English in seven days.

Does not seem to me seriously. For more information see this site: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Perhaps because, in my 70 years, lived with the intensity that I have learned and I could, I alarmed these wilfulness that so much damage have made when generations of parents claimed that their children would reach professional, employment and academic goals that they never could, clear, because they were other times and weren’t all that ye you have! My experience as a University Professor in which I have studied and taught, pondered and shared knowledge for 50 years, has shown me the consequences of this madness of value have more than being, get degrees earlier than wisdom, transform memory into a warehouse rather than help build a well-structured head. Both a well filled head is not as a well-organized head, said Montaigne. That launch is (a) the objectives, by all means, even putting at stake the personal happiness does not produce integrated and mature citizens. Sustain in practice that is better that most costs is another aberration that has produced enormous victims. What is it that is worth more? Doesn’t cost me to love my grandchildren, my children, my wife, my parents and brothers, my friends and my disciples. Woe to me if I do not knead.