And is that what they say about you reveals much more about them than you. In fact, you have to be aware of the judgments that you make about yourself, because even those of systems based on the values of the people around you. When a person makes you know how special you are for it, everything else can say is: “This person feels a special attraction to me, which says nothing about me as a person. ” The moment you accept the compliment you’ve given to that person control over you. Constant fear that someone else knows it will be very special and make you lose the privileged position you occupy in your life.

So, life will pass you and not you for life, which you have lost your freedom. So: you’ve got to rely on it to be happy, because you have done that your happiness depends on the trial of her about you. But you can still make things worse by putting you to find other people who tell you how special you are to them and investing a lot of time and energy to make sure you are never going to change that image they have of you. What most stressful way of life …! Suddenly, fear makes an appearance in your life, fear of destroying the image. But if you’re looking for the boldness and freedom you have to get rid of that fear. How? Taking as valid a “I love you” and simply accepting a “You are remarkable.” What you need to enjoy the present moment, because if you indulge in the image I have of you, then you have control, and give you afraid to be yourself, for fear of hurting me, you will fear me the truth and do anything that might damage the image I have of you.

Apply to any image that people have of you and make you see that you’re a genius, a sage, a saint or something, feel flattered and then you’ve lost your freedom, because you will not stop henceforth strive to ensure that not change their minds. Will fear making mistakes, be yourself, do or say anything that might damage the image. You’ve lost the freedom to embarrass yourself, being teased, doing and you say what you like, instead of what seems to fit with the image others have of you. How this is finished? Based on many hours of patient study, awareness and observation of such an image provides you with: A mixed emotion insecurity, lack of freedom and suffering. If you can see this clearly, tensions disappear you rely on the opinions of others. After a while, the mirror smiling at me … I turned my back and went back to the profane world.