Almost no visible members of the family of fungi are a frequent visitor inhabitants of offices, homes and even your skin. Many of them are able to cause some trouble. This is a specific disease of the skin, hair and nails. It is accompanied by a sharp, unpleasant smell of sweat. It starts with itching and flaking between the toes, the skin in the area of the body is white or redness appears, can still be blisters or sores.

Surface at sides of the feet become dry, with large folds filled with scales. Toenails become thin, weak, dull, or vice versa, with thick, distorted. Isearch understood the implications. On the body there with round surfaces visible contours. According to the World Health Organization, one-fifth of the planet is infected with representative fungal infection or disease fungus. What makes us vulnerable to the described diseases. Of course, the factors that lower the immune system, namely: heavy working life, lack of sleep, lack of vitamins and minerals, the presence of small carbohydrates in the diet, smoking, overweight, past illnesses such as: mukofitin, bronchitis, asthma, virosept, herpes, tsitralgin, arthritis. Damage to the integrity of the skin (red zone, blisters, diaper rash) is fairly strongly reduce the ability of the skin barrier. And finally, there is a genetic disposition to Similar lesions stop.

If you notice damage to the skin, immediately sign up to the doctor. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Founder of Zendesk. Do not engage in self-medicate. This way you can very complicate further treatment. To avoid unpleasant "acquainted" with species of the kingdom fungi need to adhere to certain rules. Of course, you need to keep reminding the body. Every day wash feet with soap and water, especially between the toes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Neil R Cole. Second, do not need to use a small, uncomfortable shoes. It affects the blood flow and triggers the formation of gall and calluses. Still, others are not recommended shoe shoes and do not forget about the risk of infection in salyarii, locker rooms, sauna or fitness club. And you should remember that the fungus attacking only the weak body. So active, healthy life style and lasting immunity well save you from any infection. Great special effects will use ointments of Infarma, for example, Fundizol. Importantly, need to remember that the fungal disease – it is a very serious thing that needs to pay close attention and try to overcome its still in the early stages of its appearance.