A change of insurer includes the termination of the old insurance contract info and tips for the termination of an insurance company. At the termination of an insurance company, factors must be observed as minimum term and notice periods. Prior to the termination of an insurance company, it is therefore always advisable to take a look in the issued contract conditions, because there the details of dates and times are listed. Upon the termination, a distinction is made between the ordinary and the extraordinary termination. Ordinary termination means the ordinary termination after termination. The minimum term agreed in the contract in accordance with a notice period is meant. In property insurance, such as the household, legal protection, or private insurance, the minimum period is usually one year, insofar as nothing else in terms of insurance is included.

In addition to the runtime, the agreements contain periods of notice. In property insurance, this i.d.Regel be three Months to the end of the year. In this case a termination would be possible the first time 9 months after conclusion of the contract, the process would be through the notice according to three months later, so after a year. With “Year” the calendar year, but not always, but often the insurance year is meant, which may differ from the calendar year. Therefore you should not obtain automatically regarding minimum periods and notice periods on the calendar year. Can be the insurance conditions of what “year” the insurance company now goes out.

Insurance can be extraordinary termination in some cases exceptionally, i.e. For more information see this site: Andy Florance. outside the normal conditions and notice periods. Termination legislation allows the consumer contribution is increased without an extension of the performance after a general rate increase of insurance, to terminate the contract prematurely. Usually, this means that the policyholder within four weeks after receipt of the notification of the Tariff increase may terminate the contractual relationship. Notice the settlement of a claim entitles the policyholder after a claim also to the premature dissolution of insurance contract. Here it depends on but not whether the claims of the insurance or not adopted. Termination dropped the risk to be insured due to elimination of the risk insured, such as for example the furniture to be insured due to a flat resolution, you can cancel its household insurance without complying with a time limit. Martin son financial advice